Monday, April 21, 2008

The Lord works in mysterious ways

Today, Shelly and I had the first of two 1st trimester appointments this week. We were informed that one of the twins did not make it and likely miscarried a few weeks ago. Clearly, Shelly and I were not prepared to receive news like that today but we realize how delicate the first weeks of pregnancy are.

The good news is one baby looks very healthy, has a strong heartbeat (174 beats per minute), and is even bigger than average right now. Believe he said the baby was 53cm but he might have said 5 feet, 3 inches, one of the two. So the doctor had nothing but positive things to say about the baby from what he can observe right now.

According to the doc today (and we've found this changes depending on which doc you ask as many of you know first hand), Shelly is now 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. So I'm officially calling the first trimester complete as she's now working on the 13th week.

Looking back on the first trimester, yes there have been symptoms like fatigue, irritability, nausea, diarrhea, an occasional hemorrhoid, bloating, and breast sensitivity. But I think with proper medication and rest I'll be just fine. As far as Shelly's symptoms, she's been doing very well despite cravings for Tin Roof ice cream and Sonic cheeseburgers with mustard, mayo, and ketchup.

I'd by lying if I said it didn't feel a little bit like I got the wind knocked out of me today. It's been an emotional time for both of us this afternoon. But in spite of the news, we realize we are very lucky to be where we are and will put all of our energy, faith, and prayers into our baby.

Even though we've had some disappointing news, we just need a little bit of time to refocus and recalibrate a little to God's most recent plan for us and we'll be right back on track. This blog will continue to capture pregnancy from my perspective as it allows me to escape my day for a moment to put my thoughts here and bring a little humor to us all in doing so. I hope you enjoy it and I've appreciated the feedback.

I just read each of the replies some of you wrote to Shelly's mass e-mail to her friends this afternoon. Thank you all so very much for your kind words and encouragement. We agree with all of you about God's plan for us and will take you up on your prayer offers as we continue on.

From here, we move on and focus on things to look forward to in the next few weeks and months. Today, we finalized an Alaskan cruise departing from Anchorage on June 8th and each of our parents are coming along, all six of us! And this Thursday, Shelly will accompany me on a business trip to Germany for 2 weeks. So we're looking forward to going back to one of our favorite areas of the world in just 72 hours.

Many thanks to all once again. And yes, I'll be back soon to tell you about the Bret Michaels concert last Friday night and also about my first ever trip to Baby's R Us!

Kansas City, MO


Marcy M. said...

I think you both have a very positive outlook on this situation and I am looking forward to meeting him/her!!

Anonymous said...

I can see where this would seem like a slug to the gut. With our youngest short person we had a somewhat related incident on one of our visits to the doctor. He told us there was some sort of possible cyst inside her head. He said that if it was what he thought it could be that she would surely die within a month or so of being born and if she didn't die she'd be severely, severely handicapped and die in a short time. He then said he was going to find another doctor and walked out. Needless to say we were seriously wondering what happened and what on earth we were going to do. The next doctor told us she didn't really agree with the first doctor and that she didn't believe we needed to plan for the worst. We left the hospital and I wasn't really sure I was safe to drive. As we talked about things on the way home we decided God was curious to find out whether or not we were truly thankful for the health of our other two short people and ourselves, and whether or not we saw this third short person as a blessing or not. I believe to this day he just wanted to get our minds right. We went back awhile later and things were better and by time nine months had rolled around things were much better. When said short person was born she exhibited none of the symptoms that would indicate anything other than a healthy child. She is six, soon to be seven now, and is the most energetic person I've ever met. Very smart, very articulate, very insightful. Whenever I start getting frustrated with the three of them I think about that visit to the doctor and I realize I would rather be dealing with whatever is at hand rather than what the alternative could have been and I cool off a bit. So what's my point? I think by losing one you will value the other that much more and that might be the point He was trying to make to you. I'm not saying you weren't thinking along these lines already, but I know you are now. Have fun in Germany. See you in a couple of days.